• we have extensive experience with conducting business in the Prague 1 area as well as knowledge of the local surroundings and market

  • we can promptly react to current local propositions and Leeds

  • we are capable of actively participating with our members thanks to an impeccable overview of the structure and decision – making procedures of public administrativ

  • we can propose solutions valuable to businesses and members of public administration


We consider the most important areas that have impact on business in Prague 1 to be:


  • the issue of transportation and transport relations, the negotiation of conditions for entry to the city center, and capacities and conditions for parking

  • the need for the construction of underground car parks in the historical areas of Prague

  • the loss of locals as a stable group of customers, and the „mortification“ of Prague 1 via restrictive regulations

  • the departure of major employers from the city center and thus their employees as creditworthy customers

  • the need to constantly improve the quality of street interiors – changing the surface of pavements, less noisy road surfaces, the planting of new trees

  • the minimizing of short-term occupation of public spaces and a predictable long-term concept of appropriation

  • the inconsistent approach to those violating the rules of public order

  • the fact, that in the long run, the State as well as the City of Prague are not able to decide on the use of many empty buildings on their property and provide them to businesses, and that many state institutions reside in buildings that the state could more appropriately offer for business activities

  • the dilatory approach of government authorities whose benevolent approach to the illegal practice of some businessmen implicitly hamper business conditions for those who invest considerable sums of money to meet legal requirements, and thus allow some an unfair competitive position

  • new business activities that assist in raising the standards of Prague 1 as the center of a modern European city in accordance with the historical traditions of its transformation

Become a member

If you decide to join the Chamber of Commerce Prague 1, please contact us at, and we will provide support for establishing a membership.

The Chamber of Commerce Prague 1

  • operates on the basis of Act no. 301/1992 Coll., about the Commerce and Agricultural Chambers of the Czech Republic as the District Chamber of Commerce

  • is part of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, which unites nearly 14,000 members and partners of the Chamber of Commerce of Prague

  • links together established business entities or entities interested in conducting business in Prague 1, and unlike other business associations, operates mainly on the territorial principle. Specific members are owners of homes and properties, whose interests lie in an amicable environment that will enable them to acquire reputable and stable tenants

  • defends the interests of its members in order to facilitate their business and protect their business interests

  • is in constant communication with local governments and authorities with
    decision-making powers on the territory of Prague 1 in order to support its members and to assist them in communicating with these authorities

  • aims to prevent Prague 1 from further losing commercial, economic, and mercantile status in Prague and the Czech Republic

  • lends support in specific undertakings in entrepreneurial endeavors in the sub-districts of Prague 1

  • assists its members in proceedings in which they are the petitioner, with regard to equality of their status in said proceedings

  • provides information on the plans and activities of public administration in areas that affect business conditions

  • provides its members with advisory and consulting services on issues related to business activities

  • issues statements for the purposes of trade law and expert opinions

  • organizes educational activities and cooperates with government authorities to provide informational services

  • ensures the promotion and dissemination of information on the business activities of its members mediates information on upcoming legislative plans to allow time to respond, thanks to the unique position of the Czech Chamber of Commerce

  • provides business information services to its members in order to mutually exchange insights on issues affecting their business

  • organizes educational events with the goal of helping members become further oriented in the business climate of Prague 1, and training sessions in order to increase their business skills

  • promotes business activities that help increase the standards of Prague 1 as the center of a modern European city in accordance with historical traditions in its formation and development

  • supports business activities that do not negatively interfere with the everyday life of the residents of Prague 1